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Keep the car clean of dirt and moisture from your electric golf trolley with the PowerBug Boot Tidy. 

Boot Tidy Electric Golf Trolley Storage

The PowerBug Boot Tidy takes packing your golf trolley when transporting one stage further.

An open-topped PowerBug Boot Tidy allows you simply to drop in a folded cart, keeping grass and mud away from the boot and vehicle interiors easily and without fuss.

The Boot Tidy allows damp shoes, gloves, waterproofs, to air and still keep items from spreading out to take over the entire boot.
When not in use, the boot tidy cleverly folds down flat taking no room at all in the back of your car.

Take a look at the video below for a demonstration of the PowerBug Boot Tidy.

• Easy, no fuss storage and transportation of your cart
• Allows content to air naturally
• Lays flat when not in use
• Robust and lightweight design
• Ridgid back with semi ridgid sides
• Will carry most major brands of golf trolley

Authentic PowerBug Electric Golf Trolley product.

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