Guaranteed £50 Golf Trolley Trade-In

Receive a minimum of £50 trade-in value for your old golf trolley when purchasing a new PowerBug GTX1 Lithium.

To celebrate the release of our new golf trolley, the PowerBug GTX1 Lithium we are offering a minimum of £50.00 part exchange value against this trolley.

What trolleys qualify for the trade-in deal?
Any trolley can be traded in against the new GTX1 Lithium.
Age, condition, brand or type do not have any effect on the minimum trade-in discount of £50.00.

What if my old trolley is broken/fault or I don’t actually have a trolley to trade-in?
This doesn’t matter, the £50.00 discount can still be claimed!

I think my trolley is worth more than £50 - How much will you pay me for it?
Depending on the age, brand, and condition of your trolley it may fetch up to £100.00. If you would like to discuss the trolley trade-in value please use the trade in form by clicking here or give the team a call on: 01753 857 838

How do I order my new GTX1 and take advantage of the £50.00 trade-in discount?
Simply click here to order the PowerBug GTX1 Lithium. At the checkout, use the code "trolleytradein" to receive £50 off of the trolley.
Alternatively, if you think your trolley should be valued at more than £50.00 please click here to fill out a trade-in valuation request form or give the team a call on 01753 857 838.

How do I send my old trolley back?
It's very easy - Take a look at the three simple steps below: