The Dangers and Problems with Universal Lithium Golf Trolley Batteries

Today’s replacement universal Lithium battery marketplace is awash with product offering varying price points, capacity (18 or 36 hole batteries) and warranty statements.

Whilst the vast majority of these batteries offer value and are suitable for the purpose intended, many have a design issue;


Looking carefully at the positive and negative connectors on the battery itself, you may notice that the connector tabs protrude from indentations that will secure the ‘T’ bar when inserted (See Image 1).

Now looking at the ‘T’ bar connector, you will notice that it is possible to make connection to the battery the wrong way around called reversed polarity (See Image 2). This will cause damage to the electronics of your PowerBug product and is not covered by a manufacturers warranty!

We have been asked  previously about damage caused when connecting a lithium battery in a reversed polarity situation. In fact damage will be caused by connecting any 12V battery of sufficient capacity in reverse of the way intended, its just the amount of damage that changes!

With a high power lithium product the resulting damage can be quite spectacular with a loud crack sound and smoke being omitted from the ECU under the battery tray. This is a capacitor shorting out and destroying itself. As in all erroneous circumstances, the golf trolley battery should be disconnected from the golf trolley as soon as possible. Other symptoms can include trolley not switching off, LED or LCD displays not functioning correctly or no activity from the golf trolley whatsoever. In my opinion, universal lithium golf trolley batteries are intended to be connected and disconnected as a function of the product. Those that are able to be inadvertently connected incorrectly are a potential cost and product hazard and poses the question, does this type of product fully comply to legislation as laid down by the EEC legislative?

However, by using great care to connect the ‘T’ bar to the battery correctly, your average universal Lithium battery should provide a far better solution than a conventional lead acid alternative.

One easy way to ensure that the T-Bar is never connected backwards is to always connect the T-Bar to the battery before connecting it to the trolley.


Simple Solution?

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The T-Bar connector tabs on the battery.


Illustration of connecting the T-Bar connector in reverse polarity.


ICorrect connection of the T-Bar. We recommend connecting the T-Bar first before connecting the battery to the trolley.