PerfectaPutt Indoor Putting Aid

£ 25.00

perfectaputt putting aid

PerfectaPutt can be used indoors or outdoors on many different types of surface. It is lightweight and compact making it the perfect companion for any golfer serious about improving their putting.

Perfect Precision, PerfectaPutt makes the perfect putting practise aid. Choose a straight putt and picture the dead centre line. You are now ready to practise.

When your ball hits the cup it stops exactly where it would enter the hole.

this precise feedback tells you whether you struck the ball with a square, open or closed clubface.

- Used by professional putting coaches
- Practise putting indoors and outdoors
- Use upon almost any putting surface
- See how your putting stroke affects your accuracy
- Putting Green, Putting Studio, Home or Office use
- Corporate branding available

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