Caddiester X1-EP Push Trolley

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£ 179.00

caddiester golf trolley

• FREE Accessory Bundle worth £50.00!
Patented Easy-Folding System
User Friendly One Way Brake Pedal
FREE UK Delivery

Designed and Manufactured in the same facility as the PowerBug range of electric golf trolleys

Caddiester X1-EP Push Trolley

The X1-EP has been designed with the golfer in mind. Boasting a patented 2 step easy-folding mechanism the Caddiester provides a hassle free push trolley experience.

caddiester accessories

Includes a free of charge Umbrella Holder, Drink Holder, Towel Clip, GPS Holder & Sand Bottle!

caddiester folded

Easy Folding

The Caddiester effortlessly folds up an down thanks to the patented 2-step folding mechanism.

When folded, the dimensions are 60cm x 38cm x 35cm

caddiester height adjustable handle

Height Adjustable

Adjust the height of the handle to suit you.

Simply release the quick-release handle lever to adjust the height of the handle. Perfect for all golfers!

Full Features:

• FREE Accessory Bundle
• Easy-Folding
• Height Adjustable Handle
• One Way Foot-Brake Mechanism
• Handle Storage Compartment
• Compatible With All Golf Bags
• Available in Black or White
• FREE UK Delivery

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