Which PowerBug trolley is right for me?

Which PowerBug trolley is right for me?

We currently have 3 different trolleys in our range:

The PowerBug GT
A proven and popular design at a great value. The GT's price point has propelled this trolley to the top of our best-sellers list.
Featuring VRAP distance control.

The PowerBug GTX1
The evolution of the PowerBug GT - Facelift design with a contemporary finish.
Featuring VRAP distance control, built-in accessory mounting points and a height adjustable handle

The PowerBug GT Plus
Based on the framework of the GT with added gadgets.
Featuring VRAP distance control, clock, round timer, battery level display & distance measurements.

Check out the table below to compare the features of the 3 models we currently have in our electric golf trolley range.
All of our trolleys feature the industry best 3 year trolley & lithium battery warranty with a 5 year battery warranty upgrade available.

Free shipping on all trolleys with various deals available including trade-in and pay monthly.


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    Linda Given
    Nov 7, 2018

    Hello, long shot....my partner bought a powerbug trolley from you around May time this year. I want to buy him some accessories but dont know which model he has. I cant find anything on the trolley, so can you either tell me what he purchased or where on the trolley I can find the model type. His name is Chris BEYNON, from Bromley Kent Thanks Linda.

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