Lithium Golf Trolley Battery Winter Storage Advice

Lithium Golf Trolley Battery Winter Storage Advice

PowerBug Mini Lithium Battery Winter Storage


During the festive season and through the cold winter months you may be not playing as much golf as through the summer months.

We have been asked about storing your PowerBug mini lithium golf trolley battery during extended non-playing intervals.

 Our recommendation is that you store your PowerBug mini lithium golf trolley battery partly discharged and in a cool environment.

Lithium batteries like to be stored at around 40% capacity ideally at 10°C.

Our suggestion would be to fully charge your golf trolley lithium battery, play nine holes of golf before hibernating your product.

It is important to avoid extreme temperature fluctuations as the efficiency and longevity of your battery will be affected by excessive heat or freezing temperatures.

When you are ready to play golf again, connect the battery to your charger and ‘top charge’ allowing the red LED indicator on your charger to cycle through to green indicating that the battery is fully charged.


Battery/Charger Tips

Always use the lithium golf trolley battery charger supplied with your golf trolley battery.

Never connect a lead acid battery charger to a lithium battery or vice versa.

If your charger or battery is showing signs of ware or damage, replace it with an approved lithium battery or charger ASAP.

When connecting and disconnecting the battery from the charger or the battery from the golf trolley always grip the end cable housing rather than the cables.

By pulling on cables alone you run the risk of detaching the positive or negative connectors from their internal housing causing irreparable damage. 

Please call us for advice in respect of golf trolley battery or charger maintenance - We are here to help.


  • Avatar
    Ron kelly
    Feb 16, 2018

    Charger flashing red and green in a combined sort of way could this be a problem as it’s not been used since before the start of January

    • Avatar
      Apr 19, 2018

      My battery charger also is flashing red and green have you found out if there is a problem with the charger or battery would you please let me know

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