The New PowerBug GTX1 Lithium Electric Golf Trolley

The New PowerBug GTX1 Lithium Electric Golf Trolley

We are pleased to announce the new PowerBug GTX1 Lithium Golf Trolley.

Please click here to check out the PowerBug GTX1 Lithium

Designed in the UK, the PowerBug X1 lithium powered electric golf trolley has a sporty stylish appearance, the best warranty available and as you can buy directly from the manufacturer the best terms available.

Without compromising on its ‘industry best’ build quality the UK based PowerBug golf trolley design team have built the X1 with many stand out features.

Incorporating a soft touch handle the X1 feels as good as it looks.
A bright numeric display and large intuitive nine speed control button with VRAP distance control allows the user to negotiate the fairways with ease.

The X1 uses a unique integral accessory fixing system making the installation of an umbrella holder, score card holder and GPS devise holder quick and easy.
When your round is over, the trolley can be folded without having to detach any of the accessories.

In an industry first, the X1 has a duel handle height setting built in to the main hinge assembly allowing a universally more comfortable handle position than that of the fixed handle models.

Anti-torque cart bag support with rubber inlay holds any cart bag securely whilst preventing that annoying ‘bag twist’ during your round.

Sports wheels with polished trim compliment the high lustre battery tray insert with a contrasting matte surround adding to the eye catching and contemporary appearance of the PowerBug X1 lithium powered golf trolley.

The PowerBug Mini Lithium Golf Trolley Battery is the driving force behind the PowerBug family and is noticeable by its size and performance.
Made by our factory in Germany the PowerBug mini lithium golf trolley battery is the smallest and lightest battery on the market delivering a guaranteed 27 holes as standard.
With a 20 minute top charge between rounds, you are good to play 36 holes easily.     
Testing has consistently produced distance coverage of over 12000 yards on one charge.

The PowerBug X1 Lithium Powered Electric Golf Trolley Stand Out Features
•    Soft Touch Handle
•    Duel Handle Height setting
•    Intuitive Nine Speed Control Button
•    Bright Numeric Display Screen
•    Battery Indicator
•    Power Indicator
•    Integral Accessory Fixing System
•    VRAP (Variable Run and Park) distance control
•    Easy Fold and Lock Down System
•    Anti Torque Cart Bag Support
•    High Lustre Battery Tray
•    Sports Wheels with Polished Trim


  • Avatar
    Virginia thompson
    Aug 8, 2017

    How do you fit umbrella holder etc to the integral points on a new GTX1 powebug trolley please. Also where is the serial number on the trolley (for warranty)

  • Avatar
    Virginia thompson
    Aug 8, 2017

    How do you fix an umbrella holder etc to the new GTX1 trolley using the integral points please? Also where is the serial number (for warranty) I no longer have the box as it was collected by parcel force with my old trolley for recycling. Thanks

  • Avatar
    George Davies
    Feb 11, 2018

    I tried out my new GTX1 for the first time today after receiving it on Thursday. However after full charge it struggles to move on the flat and doesn’t move at all on a slight in line. Also when I put it on VRAP it doesn’t move an inch. Can someone advise please.

  • Avatar
    Jamie Eatock
    Nov 27, 2019

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    Winkle S.
    Jan 31, 2020

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  • Avatar
    Feb 26, 2020

    Thanks For Sharing, It's Very Informative for me

  • Avatar
    Trevor M.
    Mar 20, 2020

    Such a genius invention I was so jealous of my friend for having one of these. I Jut had to look for myself. Might get one soon because I play a lot of golf. Once i can afford it I probably will, just need to save up after getting appliance repair. Can't wait. Might be able to try out my friend's in the meantime.

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