P8 PCB Battery - CR1220

£ 1.00

Battery type: CR1220

Replacement PCB battery for P8 trolleys

Compatible with the P8 range of PowerBug trolleys.
(GT Plus, GT8, Ultra V)

Battery type: CR1220

The PCB battery located within the handle of your trolley controling the round / lost ball timer and clock functions.

A failing PCB battery may manifest itself by erratic round / lost ball timer, clock display and possibly speed control issues.

If any of these symptoms present themselves, we recommend the replacement of the PCB battery as soon as possible.

If you would like one of our service technicians to carry our this task, our service centre facility is available for your convenience and a link is detailed below.

PowerBug Service Centre

If you would like to replace the battery by some other means, a short ‘HOW TO” video is detailed below:

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